The aim of the procurement is to make a frame agreement in terms of needs of all laboratories at Karolinska Institutet.

  • Consumables to laboratories
  • Instruments and devices
  • Laboratory reagents and kits

Consumables to laboratories

The procurement covers the following product areas:

    1. Tubes for PCR, centrifuging and storage
    2. Pipettes
    3. Pipette tips
    4. Gloves
    5. Containers
    6. Safety and cleanroom products
    7. Filters
    8. Microplates for PCR, ELISA and reservoirs
    9. Cell culturing dishes, plates & reservoirs
    10. Liquid / buffer measurement reservoirs
    11. Others
Instruments and devices

The framework agreement covers KI’s most needed instruments and devices for research laboratories.

The procurement covers

  1. Apparatus,
  2. Instruments 
  3. Other equipment (laboratory related activities)


Laboratory reagents and kits

Framework agreement for laboratory reagents and kits. 
The Supplier shall provide laboratory reagents, chemicals and kits in the following product areas:

    1. Cells
    2. Cell culture media
    3. Supplements for cell culturing
    4. Antibodies
    5. Kits
    6. Chemicals & Reagents
    7. Biopolymers, molecules