Campaign February 19, 2024

Active Promotions Q1 2024

We currently have the following promotions until 2024-03-31. Reach out to to learn more or place an order:

  • Attractive special prices on selected NucleoBond® plasmid kits from Macherey-Nagel, up to 50% discount. Free samples available for select products.
  • Get 25% off Cell Projects Electroporation Cuvettes and high quality PCR plastics
  • Introduction price – 20% off on photometers from Nippon Genetics – FastGene NanoSpec Photometer (UV-VIS Photometer) and FastGene NanoView Photometer (260, 280, 600 nm)
  • Free samples available for PCR Biosystems SyGreen Mix, UltraScript 2.0 Reverse Transcriptase & Kits and RiboShield™ RNase Inhibitor
  • Promotion prices on Next Advance – CheckIt pipette diagnostics
  • Promotion price on the HTL MINI MICROCENTRIFUGE

We are currently open to discuss a model for renting capital equipment, including qPCR instruments, liquid handling robots and the Singulator 100 for dissociation of single cells and nuclei from solid tissues – reach out to Ulf Mäkitalo to learn more.