Campaign September 27, 2023

News and Offers – Fall & Winter 2023

Our News and Offers for the Fall and Winter are now being sent out

The offers and news include:

  • Macherey Nagel annual Classics and “chocolate campaign” – buy the most popular Macherey Nagel extraction and purification products at a very discounted price AND receive chocolate boxes!
  • The MYRA liquid handling system adds NGS library preparation and DNA extraction capabilities! To celebrate, we offer 30% discount on a MIC with the purchase of a MYRA.
  • Next generation sequencing library prep solutions from Watchmaker Genomics and Realseq Biosciences. Reach out to get an offer for an evaluation!
  • Discounts on Azenta sample management solutions, including Framestar PCR plates, Ziath scanners and IntelliXcap handheld cappers/decappers and sealing solutions
  • Discounts on pipette starter packs from Corning HTL.
  • Discounts on centrifuges and flexible, electronic multipipettes from Tehermo Fisher Scientific
  • Techtum has developed expertise on providing replacement tips for popular liquid handling systems during Covid – reach out to discuss a replacement that will save you on costs and secure fast deliveries


Download the full print document below:


All offers available 2023-10-01 to 2023-12-31.