Campaign April 17, 2024

News and Promotions Spring 2024

All promotions valid until 2024-06-30. See the document for detailed instructions on which countries the offers are applicable in:

  • Upcoming exhibitions
  • Azenta–  High Efficiency Cryogenic freezers and CryoPods – 20% introduction discount
  • Isohelix – saliva and buccal swab sample collection, isolation and biobanking – free samples available and 20% introduction discount
  • Nippon Genetics– introductory promotion on products exlusively sold by Techtum (gel documentation, spectrophotometers, qPCR instrument) – 20% – 30% discount on instruments
  • NextAdvance – robust and high-throughput homogenization and optional DNA/RNA isolation from solid tissues – 25% discount on BulletBlender instruments and PrecisionPak kits
  • Watchmaker Genomics – best in class NGS DNA and RNA library preparation kits. Flash sale of 70% discount on Equinox library amplification kits with short expiry dates
  • Daicel Arbor Biosciences – new exclusive supplier of NGS hybridization capture panels, custom FISH tags and cell-free protein synthesis
  • Macherey Nagel – promotion on accessories for DNA/RNA/protein isolation and kits + launch of HMW DNA magnetic bead isolation kit – 30% discount on bundles
  • Bioer – promotion on GeneXplorer PCR instruments – 25% off on all models
  • No budget for capital investments? Rent an instrument from Techtum.

Download and print the promotion newsletter here:

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