Company November 17, 2023

Techtum Lab enters into exclusive distribution agreement with Alveo Technologies, Inc.

Techtum Lab has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Alveo Technologies, Inc., for the sales and marketing of their products in Sweden.

Alveo’s system is a fast and highly portable platform for point-of-care testing (POCT) that combines advanced molecular analyses with coud-based data analysis for real time detection of pathogens. It is based on Alveo’s patented loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) method for direct electrical detection of nucleic acid amplification. This portable molecular lab equipment can deliver rapid test results on demand and in the field rather than in a traditional lab setting.

This portable diagnostic solution bypasses the need for centralized lab testing, expanding early disease detection to sectors beyond healthcare such as agriculture, food safety and sanitation. It delivers rapid results without compromising accuracy by using molecular detection technologies.

The durable analyzer is no bigger than a smartphone and built with minimal moving parts to ensure reliability. Used in combination with the Analyzer and companion mobile app, Alveo’s proprietary chemistry using molecular amplification technology is capable of multiplexing six+ pathogens on a single cartridge, in real-time, with geolocation and public health reporting capability.

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