Company April 11, 2024

Techtum Lab has entered into a distribution agreement with BioSkryb Genomics

Techtum Lab has entered into a non-exclusive agreement with BioSkryb Genomics, Inc. for the marketing and sales of their products and services in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, and Iceland.

BioSkryb Genomics offers advanced genome analyses, with a special focus on single-cell analysis. Their patented technology, Primary Template-directed Amplification (PTA), is designed to amplify the genome from individual cells, which is particularly useful in research and clinical studies involving cellular heterogeneity. This type of technology can be crucial for applications such as cancer research, where variations in individual cells can be detected in diseases like leukemia.

The company’s products include BaseJumper™, a bioinformatics platform that enables intuitive visualization of data from individual cells, as well as their products ResolveOME™ and ResolveDNA®. ResolveOME uses a unified workflow to amplify the genome and transcriptome from the same cell simultaneously, eliminating the need to split samples and the need to cross reference data. ResolveDNA amplification technology allows for unprecedented genome recovery (>95%) and coverage uniformity, as well as, SNV calling sensitivity and specificity in single-cell genomics.

These innovative solutions fit well into Techtum’s product portfolio and further strengthen our offering within single-cell analysis.