4titude PCR microplates, tubes and tube strips

4titude PCR microplates, tubes and tube strips

Wide range of plastic consumables and accessories for PCR applications.


Our PCR consumables are made from virgin polypropylene and polycarbonate under ISO certified cleanroom conditions, and are guaranteed RNase, DNase, and Human Genomic DNA free. Browse our range of PCR plates, PCR tubes and tube strips featured below, and to find out more about each of our plastic consumables and how they can improve your workflows.

Two component PCR & qPCR Plates
FrameStar® plates combine the advantages of thin-walled polypropylene tubes for optimum PCR results, with a rigid polycarbonate frame to increase the thermal stability of the plate during the PCR process. This means that compared to a standard polypropylene plate, the FrameStar® plate will not warp and expand during rapid heating and cooling, meaning the integrity of seals will remain consistent and therefore less of your sample will evaporate.

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Divisible PCR microplates

Our divisible PCR plates offer all the flexibility of tube strips, in a plate format. They can be easily divided into smaller plate sections, ensuring no tubes are wasted. Break-A-Way and Break-2-Ways plates use the 2-component design of the FrameStar® and FrameStrip® range.

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PCR tubes & tube strips

We offer either our FrameStrip® 2-component PCR tube strips, or one-piece tube strips. Our FrameStrip® tube strips are a unique 2-component design with thin-walled polypropylene tubes for efficient heat transfer, and a frame molded from polycarbonate. Together, this can create a rigid tube strip for easy and reliable handling which can be 2D coded and is available in various colors. Additionally, we offer individual 0.2 ml PCR tubes with either tethered flat or domed caps, and tube cap strips, in again either flat or domed form, for easy sealing of the tube strips.

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