ACSIA NGS Edition – Capture

The solution to automate exomes or genes of interest capture for NGS.

In NGS processes, library preparation and targeted enrichement steps are very laborious (4 days of work minimum for 48 library – multiplexed by 8) and are often a source of errors due to numerous pipetting.

Product overview

To help you avoid these errors and improve the quality of your library, PrimaDiag offers the ACSIA NGS Edition  to perform the fragment capture steps. Equipped with our protective enclosure, it is made up of 16 SBS slots integrating our patented magnetic block and our agitating and thermoregulated modules. The machine also includes a single-channel pipette and an 8-channel pipette 250 µL and is managed by our software PrimaController®II, which is very easy to use and which greatly reduces the training time on the automate and allows complex processes to be carried out. In addition, through our innovative SMT technology, our software guarantees reduced process costs by allowing you to reduce the number of tips used during your manipulations (3 boxes of tips instead of 9 manually).

​At the end of your protocol, the ACSIA provides you with a wide variety of newly created exome library and greatly reduced process costs.


  • Magnetic beads manipulation module based on patented APIM technology (Attraction Point by Induced Magnetization)
  • Easily interchangeable pipettes
  • High precision automate managed by intelligent and very innovative software
  • Innovative SMT technology allowing intelligent reuse of tips without risk of cross-contamination during your manipulations
  • Pre-programmed protocols for exomes or genes of interest capture
  • Protective enclosure with UV
  • Significantly reduced process costs
  • Plateform also carrying out the library preparation
  • Protocols available for many kits
  • One of the best quality/price ratios on the market

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