ACSIA NGS Edition – LibPrep

The solution to automate the library preparation step for NGS and the PCR/qPCR plate setup.

The library preparation step is one of the key steps in NGS processes, but despite the continuing technological advancement in high-throughput sequencing, it is still very long and repetitive. Which prompted the research community to turn to automation. This robot greatly improves the quality of preparations thanks to better reproducibility and frees up technician time.

Product overview

The ACSIA NGS Edition is composed of 16 SBS slots and uses several technologies that allow manipulation of magnetic beads, precise temperature control and controlled orbital agitation, ensuring sample quality. Its software, PrimaController®II, with its realistic and interactive view allows, with real-time help, to increase your efficiency by focusing only on your application tasks. In addition, all the parameters are optimized to save your reagents and consumables (3 boxes of tips for the preparation of 48 library instead of 14 manually) and at the end of the process, the yield with ACSIA is 20% higher than that obtained manually.
  • Magnetic beads manipulation module based on patented technology APIM (Attraction Point by Induced Magnetization)
  • Easily interchangeable pipettes
  • High precision automate managed by intelligent and very innovative software
  • Innovative SMT technology allowing intelligent reuse of tips without risk of cross-contamination during your manipulations
  • Pre-programmed protocols to perform library preparation
  • Protective enclosure with UV
  • Significantly reduced process costs
  • Protocols avalaible for many kits
  • One of the best quality/price ratios on the market

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