BIOplastics Sealing consumables for PCR, storage & other assays

BIOplastics Sealing consumables for PCR, storage & other assays

Wide range of sealing consumables and accessories for PCR applications.


Heat Seals

BIOplastics Opti-Seal (157300) provides an alternative sealing option for EU plates. The EU Opti-Seal film is non-pierce-able and can be easily removed after the (q)PCR reaction is performed. Pressure applied by the heated lid of the thermal cycler is used to keep the seal well closed during thermal cycling. Opti-Seal generates excellent results and is designed and tested to be used in Real-Time PCR applications. To use Opti-Seal on strips or parts of plates only, the Opti-Seal Tear Off optical adhesive film (157400) with 8 strip tear off option is recommended. The perforations in this type of Opti-Seal allow easy sealing of strips and partial plates.

Caps for PCR tubes & tube strips

The Tear Off Cap Strip Mat is designed and optimized for PCR and qPCR applications and the extra robust cap strips are barely attached to each other. One or more individual cap-strips can be easily torn off. For closure of all BIOplastics type (q)PCR tube strips and plates.

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