Bullet Blender®Tissue Homogenizer

Bullet Blender® Tissue Homogenizer

The Bullet Blender® enables you to homogenize, disrupt, or lyse up to 24 tissue or cell culture samples at a time.


For homogenizing tissue, plant matter, small organisms and microorganisms and also isolate live bacteria from organs, generate nanoparticles, and isolate organelles from cells.

It’s so easy to use. Simply place your sample, beads and buffer in standard tubes, and load the tubes into the Bullet Blender tissue homogenizer. Tune the extent of disruption by adjusting the run time and speed. Afterwards, place the sample tubes in a centrifuge to separate the lysate. No special holders are needed. There are no clamp plates nor locking rings to fiddle with.

  • Agitation: Vigorous agitation at a range of frequencies and in multiple directions, for thorough homogenization of even the toughest samples.
  • Capacity: Process up to 24 samples in 1.5 mL tubes, 12 samples in 5 mL tubes, or up to 8 samples in 50 mL tubes.
  • Cooling: Air Cooling™ (all models except the basic Bullet Blender) reduces heating up of samples with ambient air. Sample tube oscillation in open air ensures good convective cooling.
  • Easy To Use: Just set the speed and time and press start.
  • Speed Control: Adjustable to handle gentle vortexing to homogenization of bones.
  • Worldwide: Power supply can be used anywhere worldwide.
  • CE Certified: All models are CE certified.

The Bullet Blender is offered in different models;
Microcentrifuge Tubes (samples 0-300 µl)


Storm Pro


Larger Samples Tubes (5 and 50 mL Tubes)

5E Pro

5 Storm


5 Gold

50 Gold


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