Camera-Based Reader for SBS Racks

Camera-Based Reader for SBS Racks

Reader for SBS format rack; 24, 48, 96, 240 or 384-formats.


Camera-Based Reader for SBS Racks

offers fast identification of SBS-format racked, 2D-coded sample storage tubes, without the need to remove tubes from racks; backbone of many sample storage and tracking systems, for applications including biobanks, compound libraries and other high-throughput storage environments

  • Advanced camera-based imaging system
  • Automation and robotics friendly
  • Easy integration with Decoding Software
  • Additional sample security
  • Seamless changing of rack format
  • No decoding attempt for empty tube positions


Key Features

Flexible Options to Suit a Range of Tube Types

  • almost all tubes in SBS format rack; either 24, 48, 96, 240 or 384-formats

Your choice of model can be configured for use with one of the following tube types:

  • Azenta Life Sciences internal and external thread screw-capped tubes
  • Thermo-Matrix internal thread screw-capped tubes
  • Micronic internal and external thread screw capped tubes
  • Thermo-Nunc Bank-IT tubes
  • LVL external thread screw capped tubes
  • Please contact your local representative for the latest list of supported tubes

Fast & Consistent scanning performance

  • Able to discriminate between a tube with a code that cannot be decoded, and an empty rack position
  • Will not decode empty tube positions, so data files are kept clean
  • Decoding speed is optimized as wasted data entry is eliminated

Space Saving Design

  • Small footprint
  • Fits easily onto the bench top and is easy to install in a laminar flow cabinet


Download product sheet and brochures for more detailed compatibility.

Camera-Based Reader for SBS Racks (formerly Perception™ HD)

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