Blood Chemistry Analyzer Pointcare V3™

Blood Chemistry Analyzer Pointcare V3™

PV3 is a chemical, electrolyte, immunoassay, and blood gas all-in-one analysis.


Pointcare V3 is small and durable, can be operated anytime, anywhere, it can even be driven by power bank. The user interface is friendly and easy to learn. It’s very simple and intuitive. Provides accurate laboratory quality results in 8 to 12 minutes, making it ideal for veterinary clinics as well as bringing equipment to clients for testing. In addition, PV3 is widely used in laboratories of research institutes, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Reliable lab-accurate results
PV3, veterinary blood chemistry analyzer, can deliver fast and reliable results and offers maximum support for diagnosis and treatment.

Real-time Quality Control
PV3 contain a highly efficient integrated quality control system (RQC) that continuously monitors disc function and reagent quality to ensure optimal test performance. RQC is a highlight of veterinary blood chemistry analyzer.

Multiple connection possibilities
The MNCHIP administration platform is tailored to hospital and laboratory information systems and offers the possibility of connecting the existing information systems of veterinary clinics.

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