Clara™ qPCR mastermixes

Clara™ Probe Mix is the newest solution for qPCRs. With clear and consistent results, this cutting-edge qPCR mix will streamline your real-time PCR workload no matter what the application.

Clara™ Probe Mix is a next-generation qPCR mastermix designed to give you reliable results with superior sensitivity. This optimised 4x formulation is engineered for maximum reliability in both single and multiplex assays. It is suitable for diagnostic test development and basic research and is universally compatible with all probe types and qPCR instruments.


Clara™ Probe Mix

  • Universal probe-based qPCR
  • Ultra-sensitive DNA detection
  • Single & multiplex assays


  • Concentrated 4x mix format, ideal for high-throughput, highly multiplexed assays
  • Superior detection of DNA targets
  • Reliable quantification of low template amounts
  • Reduced primer dimer formation for high specificity
  • Antibody-mediated hot start technology
  • Compatible with all real-time PCR platforms – standard and fast cycling conditions

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