ELMI Basic Orbital Shakers™

Basic Orbital Shakers

Analog orbital shaker designed for flexibility with a great selection of optional accessories and attachments.


The Sky Line series is a high-performance line of orbital and rocking shakers capable of non-stop operation in a wide variety of medical, chemical, and biological laboratories. Designed for flexibility, these units come with a great selection of optional accessories and attachments, and in an assortment of sizes and loading capacities to satisfy your specific lab needs. With an excellent record of reliability and long life, the Sky Line series will be a superior partner in your laboratory.


  • Optimal amplitude of platform rotation for intensive mixing
  • User-friendly controls
  • High-precision, rotational speed controls
Basic Orbital Shakers
DOS-20S | S-3.02.10M | S-3.02.20M | S-3.02.10L | S-3.02.20L
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