FluidX™ TPE Septum Caps

FluidX™ TPE Septum Caps

Universal capping option suitable for cryogenic tubes storage as low as -80°C.


The first line of defense in protecting sample integrity is the sample tube, immortalizing your sample in a high-quality tube is essential.
Watch our video and learn why it is important to you pick the perfect sample tube for your workflow.

Don’t Compromise your sample integrity; FluidX Next-Gen jacket tri-coded tubes offer unequaled sample audit traceability, enabling sample tracking and data sharing between multiple users, labs, locations and automation capabilities.

FluidX TPE septum caps have been developed to meet the demands of sample security, management and tracking in modern high-density storage applications

  • Next Generation manufacturing techniques
  • Codes readable without removing tubes from racks
  • Suitable for cryogenic storage
  • Made from high-quality virgin PP; production sterile
  • Available in 96-well format SBS racks or bulk
  • Sealable with screw caps/TPE septum caps
  • Optimal seal quality
  • Suitable for cryogenic storage as low as -80°C
  • Made from TPE; production sterile
  • Available on backing mats or bulk
  • For use with external/internal thread tubes

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