Gene Explorer™ 384 well Block Thermal Cycler

Gene Explorer™ 384 well Block Thermal Cycler

High performance thermo cycler with market leading temperature uniformity.


GeneExplorer is a new and fast thermo cycler suitable for all kinds of PCR. Custom made T/E elements allow for market leading temperature uniformity which ensures that all samples are processed under uniform conditions. New and rigid lid closing mechanism simplify use and provide with a secure sealing force when using seals. The mobile app allow user to monitor their experiments remotely during run.
*Note for use with skirted plates.

  • Mobile app for remote monitoring
  • Maximum heating rate 6C/s, maximum cooling rate 5.5C/s
  • Market leading block uniformity


Block formats available

  1. GE-384G Gene Explorer 384 well Gradient Thermal Cycler
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