GeneFix Saliva DNA/RNA Collection

Easy to Use Saliva Collection Devices for Long Term Stabilization of DNA & RNA Including Microbiome, from Isohelix.

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Product overview

GFX-02 Can Collect 2ml of Saliva & Stabilize DNA For Up To 60 Months

  • Stabilizes DNA & RNA at Room Temperature
  • Total DNA Yields Exceeding 300μg/µl
  • Guanidinium Free Pre-Filled Stabilization Buffer
  • Optimized with GeneFix Isolation Kits
  • Non Toxic – Easy to Use
  • Unique Funnel Design Prevents Spillages or Buffer Flow Back
  • Suitable for Field, Home Use & Clinic-Based Sampling
  • Collection Tube Specified to 95kPa for Leak Proof Mailing


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Available Products


GFX-01 – DNA/RNA Saliva Collector – 1ml
GFX-02 – DNA/RNA Saliva Collector – 2ml
GFX-03 – DNA/RNA Saliva Collector – 3ml
RFX-01 – RNA Saliva Collector – 1ml
MFX-01 – DNA Microbiome Saliva Collector – 1ml
GFXA-01 – Assisted DNA/RNA Saliva Collector – 1ml

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