GenePure Pro™ 32 / 96 format

GenePure Pro™

Automatic nucleic acid purification system, available in 32 and 96 sample format.


GenePure Pro

is a new generation of automatic nucleic acid purification system with cutting-edge technology and family-style appearance developed by Bioer. It adopts MagneticBeads separation technology and uses 96-well deep well plate as test carrier to realize automatic high-throughput and high-purity extraction and purification of DNA/RNA. It can deal with various samples including blood, tissue and various cells. This system is with simple operation and complete function, and can be customized for hardware and software function based on the detailed requirements of the reagent used by users to meet the demand of high-purity and refined nucleic acid purification.

  • Built-in UV sterilization
  • Fast & efficient – down to 9 min/ 96 samples
  • Cost effective
  • Open software for kit adaptation


The MagaBio magnetic beads purification kits stated below and many more;

  • General gDNA
  • Blood gDNA
  • Fecal gDNA
  • Tissue gDNA
  • Virus DNA/RNA
  • Pathogens DNA/RNA

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