Laboratory plastics

BIOplastics designs and manufactures products from polymer plastics, (Injection Moulded) for use in the molecular diagnostics (MDx) and molecular biology laboratory field. The products are of superior high-quality, state-of-the-art and offer great added value.


Knowledgeable Plastics. Made in The Netherlands.


The high quality and innovative (q)PCR tubes, strips and plates are manufactured in the Bioplastics plant in Landgraaf, The Netherlands. Optimized polypropylene is melted and injected into a high pressure mould in which the products are shaped and released after cooling down.

Bioplastics is not just any plastics manufacturer, but have intimate knowledge about the (q)PCR process, and the instruments’ performances, shared and exchanged with our collaborating partner CYCLERtest. Consequently, we know exactly how to design the perfect disposable, since we have access to and understand mechanical and performance differences between (q)PCR cyclers. Their designers and injection moulding engineers know what is required to run a perfect (q)PCR reaction. The collaboration with CYCLERtest enables Bioplastics to access the largest, global knowledge-base on temperature and optical performances of thermal cycler types and brands. As a result, Bioplastics understand how to design the perfect (q)PCR quality tube, strip or plate.

Quality Source Material

Raw material with tubes
Bioplastics (q)PCR tubes, strips and plates are made from medical grade polypropylenes. For you – the end-user – this ensures the absence of contaminants in your reaction mix. Carefully selected types of polypropylenes are in-house blended into defined ratios. This is how we achieve the highest product and user performance properties. Softeners, coatings and mould releasing agents are rejected in our manufacturing process.

Process Control

It is of high importance that physical, chemical and mechanical parameters are fine-tuned during the injection moulding process. Our combined in-house expertise has resulted in an absolute optimum balance between injection temperatures, mould temperatures and limitation of variables influencing consistency and performances of products. Manufactured in clean rooms, under GMP and hands-free conditions, we ensure the absence of any detectable levels of DNA, RNA, DNase, RNase, proteins, pyrogens and ATP. Our in house QC laboratory confirms each batch for the above mentioned parameters, prior to release.

The Right Product, the Right Protocol

BIOplastics has assembled a range of (q)PCR products which are fully interchangeable with each other. A (q)PCR process optimized in one BIOplastics strip, tube or plate, can be simply transferred to any other. Once the process is optimized you can easily swap to a different BIOplastics format, without the need of re-optimizing or re-validating the process. Using the same protocol on a different thermal cycler is easily done by selecting the designated BIOplastics product for that model of cycler. There is no need for re-optimizing the whole process since BIOplastics’ product characteristics are exactly the same for our whole (q)PCR product line. The fact that BIOplastics offers products for all brands and models of (q)PCR cyclers enables end-users to optimize the (q)PCR process in its, at that moment in time, preferred BIOplastics model.

In case you do not exactly know which BIOplastics product to apply in your thermal cycler, simply consult the Cycler To Product Fit Converter, a dynamic and interactive search engine on the BIOplastics. When switching from another plastics brand to a superior BIOplastics product, they have made things too easy for you with our Competitor To Superior Product Convertor search tool. Thermal performance differences between thermal cycler models and brands can be accurately determined using the CYCLERtest calibration service or temperature calibration tools.


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