LineGene Mini S

The LineGene Mini S is the latest product in the LineGene family. It is a complete upgrade from the previous generation of LineGene Mini, with 16 single-tube or 8-tube low-throughput designs, as well as new optical paths and the latest scanning modes. 4 detection channels ensure that it has the same detection capability as the desktop qPCR instrument. Product size is small and easy to transport, suitable for scientific research, animal husbandry, forestry, fishery use.

Product overview

LineGene Mini S adopts the small capacity design at only 4kgs weight and utilizes single- or strip-tubes format.
New and improved fluorescence quantitative PCR with a customized version of Peltier module, new optical path design and top scanning.

  • Advanced scanning technology with excellent SNR
  • Cutting-edge detection technology with great signal stability
  • Automatic gain function, accurate and reliable data
  • Touch operation interface, easy to operate

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Technical specifications

Suitable for qualitative/absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, SNP analysis, fusion curve method genotyping, standard curve, fusion curve, allele identification, gradient, HRM, automatic gain, user defined parameters etc.


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