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Synthetic oligonucleotide probes enable high-resolution, targeted cytogenomic visualization

In situ hybridization (ISH) with fluorescent or non-fluorescent labels has revolutionized the scale and efficiency of cytogenetics studies. Our high-quality oligonucleotide myTags (F)ISH probes are perfect for accurate, reliable visualization of specific chromosomal, genomic, or transcriptomic regions, for any species or application.


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Product overview


Daicel Arbor Biosciences’s flexible platforms for (F)ISH probe design and synthesis provide powerful cytogenetics research tools for genome organization, chromosomal features, and more.

With the power of our bioinformatic algorithms for digital probe design and filtering, myTags probes easily penetrate cell barriers, avoid binding to undesired target regions, and maintain consistent hybridization profiles.

  • Superior performance—Digital probe design provides highly specific, Tm-optimized probes.
  • High specificity – Optimized design and synthesis eliminate repetitive regions and boost signal
  • Probe design service—Includes custom probe design assistance from our scientists.
  • Cost savings—Our probe synthesis and labeling options offer maximum versatility.
  • Scalable—We can provide probes to target any size region, from a single locus to a full chromosome.
  • Complete solution—Get started quickly with our ready-to-use, labeled probe pools.


myTags (F)ISH probes have been used successfully across a diverse range of cytogenetic applications including 3D DNA-FISH, Cryo-FISH, RNA-FISH, Oligopaints, and chromosome painting for a variety of cell types.

  • Identify chromosomes with multicolor FISH or barcoded signals
  • Assemble scaffolds into chromosomes with visual confirmation of their position
  • Track changes in chromosome structure–translocations, duplications, deletions, etc.
  • Gene mapping and gene expression
  • Flow cytometry
  • Fluorescent reporters
  • And more

myTags probes are for research use only and are not validated for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes.

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Daicel Arbor’s proprietary flexible and customizable oligo pool synthesis technology powers our myTags in situ hybridization probes. Our advanced probe design algorithms generate specific probes with minimal propensity for off-target binding–and our team of experts can provide design support for a wide range of downstream applications.

In each final labeled oligo pool, thousands of unique custom oligo sequences bind to your intended target chromosomal or genomic locations for focused, reliable cytogenetic visualization. The short length of myTags probes (43-47nt) permits efficient cell barrier penetration and their consistent hybridization profiles enable straightforward multiplexing of multiple targets simultaneously.


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myTags Custom Probes

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myTags Predesigned Probes


Currently, myTags Predesigned Probes are available for the following:

Purpose Categories Product
Probes for (F)ISH of SARS-CoV-2 virus (COVID-19) Available options for:

  • Native viral RNA genome (positive/+ strand)
  • Actively replicating viral RNA (negative/- strand)
myTags Expert SARS-CoV-2 Probes
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If our available product does not suit your research needs, we will work with the (F)ISH design experts at daicel Arbor Biosciences to develop myTags Custom probe sequences for any application and any species – plant, animal, human, bacteria, virus, and more. To get started, contact one of our product specialists.

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