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Accelerating research for protein engineering and synthetic biology

Daicel Arbor Biosciences provides innovative tools that dramatically accelerate protein optimization, overcoming the limitations of traditional cell-based processes. Our myTXTL® protein synthesis products enable faster results, accelerating protein engineering and synthetic biology research and development.


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Product overview


In cell-free protein expression systems, gene transcription (TX) and translation (TL) are unbound from constraints required for cell culture-based processes. myTXTL systems offer a versatile and easy-to-use cell-free expression platform for protein synthesis, enzyme engineering, and synthetic biology processes in industry and academia.

Our cell-free myTXTL systems allow rapid and parallel production of soluble or toxic proteins and other complex biological structures, like bacteriophages, under open-reaction conditions. This enables easy manipulation, addition of chaperone molecules and straightforward downstream processing of synthesized proteins, enzymes and phages.

Accelerate your workflow with cell-free protein expression tools that let you screen more variants in less time. Accomplish in two days what would take 3 weeks with in-vivo methods.

Scale up production with high-throughput solutions that enable increased yield with reliable performance.

Achieve superior results with tools designed for ease of use, backed by scientific experts available to help optimize your protocols and ensure your success.

Perform protein expression not possible with in-vivo methods, such as synthesizing toxic proteins that prevent cell survival.


myTXTL Cell-free Expression Kits

Ideal starting point for your accelerated cell-free protein expression project
myTXTL® Cell-free Expression Kits from Daicel Arbor Biosciences are perfect for those new to the field of cell-free protein synthesis (CFPS) as well as cell-free expression experts with pilot-scale projects. They offer exceptional protein synthesis efficiency and versatility, well-suited for cutting-edge research or for student education.

myTXTL Cell-free Expression Kits offer an efficient, easy-to-use solution for protein synthesis, enzyme engineering and synthetic biology in industrial and academic applications. They are based on our myTXTL platform, a well-characterized technique that has been employed in synthetic biology labs globally for a wide variety of applications including synthesis of toxic proteins, rapid enzyme engineering, and bacteriophage production.

myTXTL Cell-free Expression Kits pair well with automated liquid handling systems, making them ideal for rapid design-build-test cycles when screening libraries or analyzing genetic parts and gene circuits.

Key benefits

  • Fast processing—Save time by avoiding transformation, clone selection and cell lysis, enabling rapid design-build-test cycles.
  • High controllability—Easily adjust experimental parameters to meet your project requirements.
  • User-friendly—Safe, GMO-free handling.
  • Multiple size options—Bulk and OEM options are available.


myTXTL Plasmids and Reagents

Complementary products to support your cell-free protein expression project
myTXTL® Plasmids and Reagents are the perfect companions for in vitro protein synthesis using our myTXTL Cell-free Expression Kits. Together, they enable researchers to generate comprehensive gene circuits and to synthesize custom proteins from linear DNA templates.

In addition to multiple myTXTL kit options for various applications, Daicel Arbor Biosciences provides several complementary plasmid and reagent product options, linked below. These include functional protein additives and plasmids for building gene circuits, offering benefits when added to a myTXTL or other in vitro protein expression project.


myTXTL GamS Nuclease Inhibitor Protein

A powerful supplement to boost gene expression from linear DNA templates
The myTXTL® GamS Nuclease Inhibitor is a recombinant protein that stabilizes linear DNA templates when used in combination with our myTXTL Cell-Free Expression System and other E. coli-based in vitro expression systems.

myTXTL GamS Nuclease Inhibitor Protein is designed to enhance protein production in myTXTL Sigma 70 Master Mix when switching from circular to linear DNA templates in order to produce a recombinant protein.

By preventing DNA degradation resulting from exonuclease RecBCD activity, high-yield cell-free protein production with efficiencies comparable to yields from circular templates is readily achieved. This is especially relevant for protein and enzyme engineering projects with high sample throughput. In addition to myTXTL, GamS can also be advantageous for gene expression using other bacterial cell-free systems.

  • Superior Performance – Reliably prevents degradation of linear DNA in the myTXTL system.
  • Powerful – Instantly boosts protein yield from linear templates.
  • Easy Handling – Just add an aliquot to the myTXTL Sigma 70 Master Mix.
  • Maximum Flexibility – Works with linear and circular DNA templates.
  • Versatile – Compatible with other bacterial cell-free expression systems.

Alternatively, the myTXTL Linear DNA Expression Kit and myTXTL T7 Expression Kit include the myTXTL Linear DNA Master Mix that has been further engineered to be amenable for linear DNA templates without additional stabilizers.


myTXTL Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection

Diverse plasmid collection for designing comprehensive functional gene circuits
The myTXTL® Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection provides a wide selection of promoters offering a range of strengths, various open reading frames, and options to modulate substrate turnover.

The myTXTL Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection was designed and intensively studied by Vincent Noireaux, PhD at the University of Minnesota, and co-workers. It contains more than 100 plasmids with various promoters and open reading frames (ORFs) to investigate gene regulation and molecule turnover. Available ORFs include a wide selection of transcription factors, TXTL modulators, and fluorescent reporter proteins to build multi-stage gene circuits.

A gene circuit executed in any myTXTL kit is required to start with a σ70-specific promoter, as gene expression in myTXTL relies entirely on the endogenous TXTL machinery of E. coli. Its modular and pre-designed format makes it ideal for training students and demonstrating basic concepts of synthetic biology.

NOTE: Toolbox 2.0 plasmids are intended for propagation purposes only. To make a plasmid directly suitable for in vitro expression in myTXTL, follow the recommended two-step procedure to generate high-purity plasmid samples. For propagation of P70a-vector, please read the Tech Note, Preparation of chemo-competent KL740 cells for amplification of P70a vectors.


The combination of synthetic gene networks with in vitro protein production technology opens new innovative fields of application in medicine and biotechnology, including:

  • Environmental sensors
  • Controls for biomanufacturing of biofuels
  • Stem cell medicine
  • Gene therapy (CRISPR)
  • Manufacturing of functional materials

Cell-free platforms help to overcome limitations occurring in living host organisms, which are typically tied to the biochemical cross-talk between the host cell and the artificial gene circuit and a consequence of the potentially cytotoxic effect of the exogenous gene network on the living cell on the one hand, and the availability of resources for transcription and translation, DNA replication and metabolites on the other. As those resources are dependent on the cell density, growth rate and cultivation conditions, deploying cell-free systems for gene circuit testing creates a more controlled environment, increasing reproducibility and robustness of the circuit behavior and output.

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Product selector

To help select the correct myTXTL Cell-free Expression Kit for your project, consult the table below.

Purpose Product
  • High-yield production of soluble and membrane proteins
  • Rapid prototyping of gene networks using plasmid DNA
  • Construction of synthetic minimal cells and to study chemical synthesis
myTXTL Sigma 70 Master Mix Kit
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  • Efficient synthesis using linear DNA templates without cloning and additional stabilizers
myTXTL Linear DNA Expression Kit
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  • Continuous co-expression of T7 RNA polymerase in the E. coli-based master mix drives protein production for any template with a T7 promoter
myTXTL T7 Expression Kit
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Product selector

To help select the correct myTXTL system reagents for your project, consult the table below.

Purpose Product
  • Produce recombinant proteins from linear DNA templates with the myTXTL Sigma 70 Master Mix kit
myTXTL GamS Protein
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  • Build gene circuits using plasmids with various promoters and open reading frames (ORFs), including transcription factors, TX-TL modulators, and fluorescent report proteins
  • Investigate gene regulation and molecule turnover
myTXTL Toolbox 2.0 Plasmid Collection
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  • High-yield production of soluble and membrane proteins from linear or circular plasmid templates
myTXTL Cell-Free Expression Kits
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