QuantGene 9600 Fluorescence Quantitative PCR
Detection System

  • Top imaging photoelectric detection; 96-well fluorescent signals without detection time difference
  • 6 partition thermal cycling module; improved reaction speed, high temperature uniformity and fast ramping speed
  • Full adaptable software system; equipped with phone/tablet APP to realize remote operation and real-time monitoring
  • Automatic gain setting with comprehensively realization hence improve user experience.

Product overview

QuantGene 9600 is an excellent fluorescent quantitative real-time PCR detection system utilizing past achievements of successful thermo-electric refrigeration technology alongside a new light source technology and optical circuit design.

The unique constant current power supply and 6-zone independent temperature control method ensure that the
product is fast, accurate and stable in fluorescence quantitative analysis.

The addition of temperature gradient, sample 4°C cryopreservation, automatic dehumidification and other functions fully meet the requirements for scientific and medical research.

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Technical specifications

Suitable for qualitative/absolute quantitative, relative quantitative, SNP analysis, fusion curve method genotyping, standard curve, fusion curve, allele identification, gradient, HRM, automatic gain, user defined parameters etc.



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