QuantReady K9600

QuantReal K9600

Fluorescent quantitative real-time PCR detection system with 96-well block format.


QuantReady is a 96-well touchscreen quantitative fluorescence Real-time PCR System, which has two temperature control mode of Block or analog Tube, dual operating system, equipped with a 10.1-inch high-dedefinition color touch screen, with the built-in analysis software to achieve easy use. Combining the innovative thermal cycling system, accurate photoelectric detection system, powerful software etc., it escorts the accuracy of experimental results.

  • Top imaging photoelectric detection; 96-well fluorescent signals without detection time difference
  • 6 partition thermal cycling module; improved reaction speed, high temperature uniformity and fast ramping speed
  • Full adaptable software system; equipped with phone/tablet APP to realize remote operation and real-time monitoring
  • Automatic gain setting with comprehensively realization hence improve user experience.