Intelligent and unique automated 96/384 qPCR set up robot.


Incredibly precise and easy to use. Rob™ offers smart software and exclusive OneDip™ technology. There is no extensive training required. Within 5 minutes, anyone can operate the software and create protocols. This is supported with accessible help menu in every window.

Software features

  • qPCR set-up guide is a stepwise quide to design the protocol of qPCR experiment, optimize the use of reagents, several Master Mixes
  • Serial dilution maximizes the accuracy of pipetting for serial dilution
  • Sample normalization simply input two information, sample volume and concentration

Accuracy & Precision

Accuracy and precision data obtained under optimized conditions may not be possible to reproduce in your application. The data below were obtained under normal QPCR set-up conditions. On the other hand, high precision data indicates that the liquid handling is stable. Market leading precision can easily be reproduced at your lab. High precision and accuracy also grants that dispense performance is very robust. Changes in viscosity will not have the same impact on dispensed volume seen in competing systems.  So the dispense data below is what you can expect from Rob™ in reality.

Download product sheet and brochures for more detailed compatibility.

Product information sheet
Application notes
Gene Expression on Rob – how to set up

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