Robotic Pipetting Tips

Robotic Pipette Tips series

Various pipetting tips options for liquid handling robots, with wide range of compatibility and perfect performance.


These products are high-precision consumables for liquid handling, automated analyses and clinical studies with full compatibility and absolute reliability. Each lot of these tips is tested according to the quality management system.

Product range

Clear polypropylene or conducting black graphite tips
Available in various volumes and comes in filter-, tray-, blister- assortment; free of DNase, RNase, ATP and pyrogens. The conductivity option enables the system to recognize the falling height and will guarantee a minimal immersion of the tip into the liquid, in order to assure a save pipetting and dispensing.

Compatibility table

  • CAS1200
  • Piro
  • Hamilton
  • Tecan
  • Qiagen
  • Olympus

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