Semi-Automated Handheld Screw Cap Decapper

Semi-Automated Handheld Screw Cap Decapper

Handheld semi-automated capper and de-capper, ideal for any laboratory managing compound libraries or biological sample stores.


Single column Screw Cap Tube Rack Decapper/Capper

The Semi-Automated Handheld Screw Cap Decapper is portable and lightweight, perfect for use in any laboratory. The instrument offers consistent sealing for each and every tube, being capable of capping a single column of 8 screw caps in under 4 seconds.

  • Flexible options to suit both internal and external tube range
  • Fast and consistent capping performance
  • Space saving design

Key features

Designed with the user in mind

  • Lightweight, hand-held, semi-automatic single column-based capper and de-capper
  • Compatible with 96-SBS rack format screw capped tubes
  • Caps a single column in under 4 seconds; caps/de-caps a complete rack of 96 tubes in less than 90 seconds
  • All caps are tightened to the same torque to create a secure seal
  • Battery operation allows capping/de-capping for more than 40 complete racks
  • Docking station for instrument placement/storage and charging also provides contamination-free handling of caps
  • Single ‘action’ button operation to de-cap, re-cap and eject caps
  • Option to eject caps onto cap carrier using second ‘eject’ button


Flexibility for ease of use

  • Designed to be used by both left and right-handed user
  • Unit can be operated by battery charge or powered through AC plug in
  • Easily transportable
  • Interchangeable cartridges, easy to switch between cap types

Download product brochure; Semi-Automated-Handheld-Screw-Cap-Decapper

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