SENTiNAT® 200 System

SENTiNAT® 200 is the walk-away system able to provide a complete solution for quantitative/qualitative PCR molecular biology freeze-dried kits.

A flexible, fast, compact robotic workstation to efficiently automate assays and sample preparation, including two Real Time thermal cyclers, to manage all the steps from sample to the final result.

Product overview

  • Fully deck-integrated sample to result solution
  • Flexibility due to two integrated independent qPCRs thermal cyclers
  • Universal magnetic DNA/RNA extraction from different specimen types
  • Wide portfolio of specifically designed freeze-dried kits with patented STAT-NAT® technology
  • Multiparametric analysis from one single sample
  • Ready-to-use validated protocols
  • Full traceability assured by the barcode reader
  • CE-IVD. In process of attaining CE-IVDR compliance.



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Technical specifications

A platform, in the size of a benchwork, that contains everything you need to perform a complete PCR analysis: from sample extraction to Real-Time PCR results interpretation.



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