Single Tube Reader

Single Tube Reader

It is capable of reading standard pre-coded tubes from a range of manufacturers, assuming they adhere to the ISO 16022 Data Matrix 2D code format.


Camera-Based Reader for Single tube

Single Tube Reader range comprises high-performance, easy to use, portable readers developed with broad compatibility in mind, reading any 2D coded sample tube currently on the market, not only those supplied by Azenta Life Sciences

  • Compatible with all 2D coded tubes
  • Instant and error-proof 1D and 2D-code reading
  • Fast set up
  • Mobile decoding
  • Direct data export to any application
  • FreezerPro® compatible


Key Features

Flexible Options to Suit a Range of Tube Types

  • almost all tubes and data matrix availible in the market;
    2D Data Matrix®, 1D linear barcodes, QR codes, ISO 16022, square and rectangular format,
    ECC 200, 0 – 20 grid sizes, white on black and black on white, numeric and alphanumeric

Your choice of model can be configured for use with one of the following tube types:

  • Azenta Life Sciences internal and external thread screw-capped tubes
  • Thermo-Matrix internal thread screw-capped tubes
  • Micronic internal and external thread screw capped tubes
  • Thermo-Nunc Bank-IT tubes
  • LVL external thread screw capped tubes
  • Please contact your us for the latest list of supported tubes

Fast & Consistent scanning performance

  • Able to discriminate between a tube with a code that cannot be decoded, and an empty rack position
  • Will not decode empty tube positions, so data files are kept clean
  • Decoding speed is optimized as wasted data entry is eliminated

Space Saving Design

  • Small footprint
  • Fits easily onto the bench top and is easy to install in a laminar flow cabinet


Download product sheet and brochures for more detailed compatibility.

Single Tube Reader user manual

Read more via the manufacturer’s homepage.