• Increased activity generates cDNA from exceedingly low RNA inputs
  • Template switching activity delivers compatibility with applications such as single-cell RNA-seq and 5’ RACE
  • Enhanced thermostability in comparison with wild-type enzyme improves reverse transcription through RNA secondary structure
  • Kits contain all required reagents for cDNA synthesis, except primers, for simple experimental setup
  • Custom formats available, including those to support lyophilization applications


  • First strand cDNA synthesis
  • Reverse transcription quantitative PCR
  • Reverse transcription PCR (RT-PCR)
  • Primer extension
  • RNA sequencing (RNA-seq)
  • Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq)
  • 3’ and 5’ Rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE)
  • Applications leveraging SuperScript II for reverse transcription


Key Performance Data


Achieve robust performance with low-input amounts

Many applications are limited in the available amount of input RNA, which can impact assay performance. StellarScript generates high-quality cDNA across a wide range of RNA input amounts, delivering sensitive performance with very little RNA template.


Improve specificity with a thermostable RT

StellarScript provides enhanced thermostability in comparison to wild-type M-MLV RT and performs equivalent-to-better in comparison to other commercially available M-MLV RT variants with respect to both cDNA yield and lengths generated at elevated temperatures. This improves performance with RNAs that have high degrees of secondary structure, including viral RNA and those that are GC-rich.

For further enhanced thermostability, see StellarScript HT and StellarScript HT+.


Property Application
RT-PCR RNA-seq scRNA-seq 5′ RACE 3′ RACE
StellarScript HT+ 42 – 65˚C +++ +++ + +++ +++ + + + +
StellarScript HT 42 – 50˚C ++ ++ ++ ++ + +
StellarScript 42˚C + + + + + + + + +

Table 1. Overview of StellarScript portfolio enzyme properties and relevant applications. “+” signs indicate strength of a property or fit of an application for a specific enzyme.


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Technical specifications

Ordering information

Description 10 kU 40 kU 200 kU
StellarScript Multi Reverse Transcriptase Sample Pack (200 U/µL)
incl. 10X RT Reaction Buffer, 10 mM dNTP Mix, 100 mM DTT, and 50 µL each of StellarScript RT, StellarScript HT RT, and StellarScript HT+ RT
StellarScript Reverse Transcriptase Kit (200 U/µL)
incl. 10X RT Reaction Buffer, 10 mM dNTP Mix, 100 mM DTT
7K0080-50UL 7K0080-200UL 7K0080-1ML

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