miND – miRNA NGS Data pipeline

A unique NGS workflow for absolute quantitation of microRNAs and other small RNAs in any biological sample and species.

miND® (microRNA NGS Data Analysis)

miND® (microRNA NGS Data Analysis) is a combination of a novel small RNA-seq workflow1 and bioinformatic pipeline2 for absolute quantitation of microRNAs in any biological matrix and species.
The miND® workflow uses proprietary miND spike-ins that are added to an RNA sample during the NGS library preparation.

miND® spike-ins consist of seven oligonucleotides with a unique design that reduces sequencing bias3. miND® spike-ins are provided in a specific ratio to cover the broad concentration range of endogenous small RNAs.
The miND® data analysis pipeline processes NGS raw data and compiles all results in a simple but comprehensive report.

The entire miND® small RNA-seq workflow is provided as a service by TAmiRNA.

miND® spike-ins can be purchased as a product to be included in any small RNA-sequencing project for QC and data normalization.

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product number product size/formulation shipment conditions
KT-041-MIND-250 miND spike in 250 reactions – lyophilized room temperature
KT-041-MIND-48 miND spike in 48 reactions – resuspended dry ice

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