Direct Tube Marker

Direct Tube Marker

Designed to directly print on PP tubes using Thermal Pixel Printing technology


TubeMarker for thermal printing on plastic tubes

Designed to directly print text, linear barcodes, 2D codes and graphics on tubes using patent pending Thermal Pixel Printing technology


  • The TubeMarker™ 2 allows printing directly onto the surface of plastic laboratory tubes between 6mm and 30mm in diameter
  • There is no need for using labels or marker pens
  • Marking is resistant to ethanol, isopropanol, water, DMSO*, liquid nitrogen and mechanical abrasion
  • The prints are also stable over a wide temperature range (-196°C to 100°C)
  • Markings do not transfer when touching the tubes
  • Several lines of text can be printed, for example: sample name, sampling site, your name, date and time etc
  • All TrueType fonts available on the connected computer can be printed in a range of different sizes, which determines the maximum printable content
  • Bold and italic type is also available
  • The instrument can also print linear barcodes, datamatrix (2D) codes and graphic files (monochrome .bmp, .gif or .tiff) such as logos
  • Print orientation can be vertical or horizontal (except for barcodes which print vertically only)
  • The TubeMarker™ 2 includes an Automatic Printing Delay feature, where the instrument is able to detect the presence of a tube and automatically prints the next label entry in the software
  • This feature makes printing to the tube surface much easier and faster than marking by hand

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Direct TubeMarker Flyer

Direct TubeMarker Operational manual

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