• Increase sensitivity with FFPE and low-input samples
  • Generate high-quality libraries with a rapid, streamlined workflow
  • Improve automatability with fewer cleanups and handling steps
  • Discover the value of a reverse transcriptase engineered specifically for RNA sequencing

Sensitivity meets speed

Transcriptomics provides a snapshot of cellular activity at specific points in time and in response to environmental stimuli. It aims to characterize both protein-coding and non-coding transcripts (and the variation therein) and quantify their complex ebb and flow. This allows researchers to unravel biological mechanisms, detect and monitor cancer and other diseases, and validate biomarkers and drug responses.

There is a need for RNA library preparation solutions that are highly sensitive, scalable, robust with respect to performance with challenging clinically relevant sample types, such as FFPE and low inputs. Our portfolio delivers in all of these areas, enabling cutting edge research and applications in the transcriptomics space.

  • Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits with Polaris Depletion for improved sensitivity with FFPE and low-inputs using a rapid library prep workflow
  • Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kits for the streamlined prep of total RNA libraries for target enrichment applications

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Select the workflow that fits your application needs

Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kit Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kit with Polaris Depletion
RNA input 0.25 to 100 ng 1 to 1000 ng
Library Prep Time < 3.5 hours (plus hybridization capture time) < 4.5 hours
RNA enrichment method None (typically used upstream of hybridization capture for targeted sequencing applications) Ribosomal and hemoglobin mRNA depletion
Species compatibility Any Human, mouse, and rat
Sample type compatibility Any
  • FFPE
  • Blood-derived
  • Tissue biopsies
  • Dried blood spots
  • Cell lines
  • Intact and partially degraded samples
Includes reagents for:
  • FFPE treatment
  • RNA library prep
  • Library amplification
  • rRNA/gobin depletion
  • FFPE treatment
  • RNA library prep
  • Library amplification
Types of RNA detected
  • Protein-coding (exonic; mRNA)
  • Long non-coding (lncRNA)
  • Protein-coding (exonic; mRNA)
  • Long non-coding (lncRNA)
Application fit
  • Targeted RNA-seq applications
  • Gene fusion detection
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Gene fusion detection
  • Isoform/alternative splicing analysis
  • Novel transcript discovery
  • Single nucleotide variant (SNV) detection
  • Long non-coding RNA-seq
  • Targeted RNA-seq applications

Ordering information

Description 24 rxn 96 rxn
Polaris Depletion Kit – rRNA/Globin (HMR)
incl. reagents required for rRNA and globin depletion
7K0077-024 7K0077-096
Watchmaker RNA Library Prep Kit
incl. reagents required for RNA library prep and amplification
7K0078-024 7K0078-096

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