Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

The fast pace of development and rapid decrease in cost per sequenced base in the field of NGS is having a profound impact on reseach in all aspects of biology. Our growing portfolio covers best-in-class enzymes, NGS cleanup beads, compatible extraction, DNA and RNA library preparation kits and automation as well as sample preparation solutions for single cell analysis to allow successful down-stream NGS or spatial analysis.

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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Our portfolio is expanding with products that allow NGS workflow improvements, be it through unlocking consolidation of the analysis of multiple sample types with one library prep kit at larger core facilities or allowing automation to be implemented by smaller research groups.

  • DNA & RNA extraction
  • Single cell dissociation
  • NGS cleanup and size selection beads
  • Enzymes
  • DNA, RNA and miRNA library preparation
  • Quality control
  • Automation

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