MACHEREY-NAGEL stands for innovative and creative solutions which we have a penchant for developing in-house. In addition to the “traditional” departments, such as research, production, sales and media design, we also have departments such as mechanical engineering and device development as well as our own joinery.


Macherey-Nagel also provides a large range of high quality products for RNA, DNA, and protein purification. Our products are usually referring to a specific target molecule or application.

NucleoSpin 8-well strips

NucleoSpin 8 kits allow for the purification of multiples of 8 samples and are designed for manual or automated use in a centrifuge or for use with a vacuum manifold.

NucleoSpin 96-well plates

NucleoSpin 96 kits allow for the purification of multiples of 96 samples. The kits are supplied with accessory plates for highest convenience.