MNCHIP is committed to transforming advanced technologies into cost-effective and innovative in vitro diagnostic products. By developing highly integrated diagnostic equipment, we are providing easy-to-use, safe, and high-quality products to a wider range of medical institutions, including POCT chemistry analyzer, clinical instrument, etc. At the same time, MNCHIP also provides fully automatic biochemical analyzer for the veterinary market, which can obtain precision reference laboratory-quality results in a short time, and offers maximum support for diagnosis and treatment.

Chemistry Analyzer Celercare V5™

Just 3 drops of whole blood are required to deliver up to 17 precise results.

Blood Chemistry Analyzer Pointcare V3™

Provides accurate laboratory quality results in 8 to 12 minutes, making it ideal for veterinary clinics as well as bringing equipment to clients for testing.

Blood Chemistry Analyzer Reagent Disc

Reagent disc for chemical, electrolyte, immunoassay, and blood gas all-in-one analysis, compatible with V3 and V5 systems.