Alveo Technologies

Alveo empowers better outcomes in human, animal and environmental health by making early pathogen detection accessible at the point-of-need.

Alveo’s rapid detection platform provides real-time data and empowers more industries to Know Sooner, Act Faster™.
Our portable diagnostic solution bypasses the need for centralized lab testing, expanding early disease detection to sectors beyond healthcare such as agriculture, food safety and sanitation. It delivers rapid results without compromising accuracy by using molecular detection technologies.

Our analyzer liberates testing from the lab.

Our durable analyzer is no bigger than a smartphone and built with minimal moving parts to ensure reliability. Used in combination with our Analyzer and companion mobile app, Alveo’s proprietary chemistry using molecular amplification technology is capable of multiplexing six+ pathogens on a single cartridge, in real-time, with geolocation and public health reporting capability.

The Alveo analyzer and companion app equip anyone to administer tests and monitor real-time results in the field — with no specialized training.

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