Bioer technology

Hangzhou Bioer Technology Co. Ltd. (BIOER) is a professional enterprise engaged in life science instruments and reagents development, product, sales and service. Bioer has become the world’s leading supplier of PCR products and gene detection instruments.

Bioer is one of the pioneers in the PCR industry in China and obtained the 1st registration certificate in China for a quantitative fluorescent PCR detection system. Now we have developed into a comprehensive supplier of molecular detection with multiple technology platforms product lines. Our products include real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instruments, automatic nucleic acid purification instrument, thermal cycler, nucleic acid purification reagent, all kinds of PCR detection reagents, standard PCR laboratory, mobile PCR laboratory, sample preservative fluid, molecular detection consumables and PCR raw materials. We create the whole industry PCR chain business model of “Instrument + Reagent +Consumables + Molecular raw materials”.