Daicel Arbor Biosciences

Advancing discovery in genomics and synthetic biology

Daicel Arbor Biosciences is the trusted source for tools and services that accelerate genomics and synthetic biology research. We serve as a valued lab partner, actively working with you to achieve your project goals with greater speed, efficiency, and ease. Your science is our passion.

Product lines include:

  • Targeted NGS – high-quality myBaits hybridization capture kits let you harness the full power of NGS to sequence any known or novel mutation while dramatically reducing per-sample sequencing costs.
  • Cytogenetics ISH – high-quality oligonucleotide myTags (F)ISH probes are perfect for accurate, reliable visualization of specific chromosomal, genomic, or transcriptomic regions, for any species or application.
  • Cell-free Protein Synthesis – myTXTL® protein synthesis products enable faster results, accelerating protein engineering and synthetic biology research and development.
  • Sequencing services – a full range of myReads® next-generation sequencing (NGS) services, including library preparation and targeted and total sequencing for any sample type. Let our experts handle your sequencing, freeing up valuable time and effort for your team.


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