PrimaDiag is a French company who develops compact robotic platforms for rapid automation of a wide variety of protocols in the areas of biology and more particularly molecular biology.

It was created as a design office in October 2007 and acquired great expertise in the fields of robotics, IT and biology through various projects carried out in France and in Europe.

In 2014, on the strength of this experience, it released its new product line « ACSIA » to provide turnkey solutions for most biological protocols based on a brand new concept. The later is based on a set of robotic bases and accessories that can be combined to support a given protocol by being managed by a very powerful software that can be used by everyone, the PrimaController®II.

Robust and reliable, the ACSIA range is ideal for preparing your PCR / qPCR plates, purifying nucleic acids, preparing DNA and RNA libraries and the capture step of NGS protocols as well as any other liquid handling protocols.

​The ACSIA range is designed and manufactured in France and it allows you to perform a wide variety of protocols with minimum effort for the end user, by having one of the best quality/price ratios on the market and a controlled cost for a very fast return on investment.