S2 Genomics

The Singulator™ 100 System

Automated system for preparation of tissue to single cells or nuclei in minutes.


The bench-top Singulator System enables hands-off workflow and thus eliminates tedious and time consuming protocols. The key benefits are accurate and reproducible tissue dissociation into high-viability single-cell or nuclei suspensions ideal for single-cell analysis.

S2 Genomics provides a selection of pre-set protocols.

  • scRNA-Seq,
  • snRNA-Seq
  • ATAC-Seq
  • CITE-Seq
  • FACS
  • Immuno-oncology


Intuitive Software
Minimal operator training needed due to the intuitive software accompanied with touch screen interface. Step-by-step instructions and videos guide you through the system operation.
Simply load the tissue and select your run file; either choose from a selection of pre-set protocols and pre-formulated reagents or create your own protocols with customizable parameters.
The internal camera and progress bar allow you to monitor tissue dissociation in real time.

High Yield & Viability
Typical Yield is tissue dependent, below numbers are for human sample types.
• 10,000 to > 500,000 cells/mg
• 70 – 95% viability
• 20,000 to >600,000 nuclei/mg

Reproducible Results
Cold dissociation minimizes the expression of stress-related genes in cells and helps preserve RNA quality in nuclei.
• Consistent results, from researcher to researcher and lab to lab
• Improve success rates for precious samples
• Minimize transcriptome changes
• Use your reagents for your specific tissues

Fast Processing
• Nuclei in 6-10 minutes
• Single cells in 20-60 minutes

Download S2 Genomics Singulator Brochure

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